Learn about my exclusive LPC system to Buying

Brad Evans

It’s All About YOU!

With over 60 years combined experience in real estate, business ownership, education, marketing, and sales, my partner and I at Evans Moore and Associates are uniquely qualified to provide a differentiated approach that sets the buying experience apart from others in our marketplace.



verb: lis-ten

take notice of and act on what someone says, respond to advice or a request.

LISTEN TO YOU! This is the most important step of any real estate transaction. I am very thorough in this initial step as I want to know as much as possible about your desires, reasonings, goals, and expectations of your new home. A conversation should take place at the very onset of any thoughts about buying. I understand that you may just be “thinking about” buying, but don’t know when you will be ready, so you do not want to have a conversation with an agent. The “thinking about” stage IS THE PERFECT TIME to reach out and have a conversation.


You Listen To You!


Listen To Me!

I will take everything that you told me and then apply it to the current market conditions. I will provide you with realistic expectations and have you ready for the next step. I will review the materials that will have been provided to you before our talk. Material on Big Block Realty, Evans Moore and Associates, and the buying process. I will have you sign a Buyer’s Agreement that shows I am completely committed to providing you with top quality service. As you start down the LPC path, remember, the timeline is always controlled by YOU!




Having a clear understanding of how you are going to fund the purchase of a new property needs to be solidified. We cannot look at homes before we know what price range you qualify. Looking at homes before knowing the price point may lead to frustration and is highly unprofessional on any representative’s part. Getting an emotional attachment to a possible new home only to find out you cannot qualify for it is not a good feeling. Additionally, sellers will not look at any offers if they are not accompanied by a letter showing proof of qualifications for funding. So, if you did find a house you like, but do not have a letter showing you are qualified, you cannot make an offer anyway. I can advise you on reputable lenders and provide information to help you prepare for the lending qualification process.




Make An Offer!

It is my “Fiduciary Responsibility” to look out for you and your investment decision. I will educate you on the pros and cons of every home so that when you decide to make an offer, it comes from a place of complete understanding and desire. You will “Sell Yourself” on a home from the information I provide. I will do an analysis of the property in the current market and review with you an offering strategy. I will negotiate all desired terms and conditions on your behalf so that you not only have a fair price but are legally covered so there are no surprises in the future.


verb: cel-e-brate


Due Diligence!

When your offer is accepted, we begin the escrow period. I work with my Transaction Coordinator who coordinates with other affiliates and associated real estate professionals to meet the legally directed time designations. Inspections, walk-throughs, contingencies, disclosures, appraisals, funding, and more are all directed by the Transaction Coordinator and supervised by myself. The client is guided through this possible emotional roller-coaster so it can be a stress-free transition.


New Beginnings!

Mark McKibben
  • Delivering The KWAN
    As for me, I like taking the “Jerry Maguire Approach” in working with clients. I work with a select few and get to know them as a person on a more personal level. I listen to their desires and have a sincere conversation, instead of reciting a memorized script of “if they say this, I will say that”. And in doing this approach, I can show my clients the “KWAN”!
  • Ambulance Chasing Agents
    Realtors can get by with calling as they ask a question which can appear as a survey, then lead to a sales pitch depending upon the answer. Obviously, this is a lack of integrity